I was looking through my Discovering Orff Book by Jane Frazee with Kent Kreuter and stumbled upon a sol mi version of One, Two, Tie My Shoe. I was quite excited, as I had just picked up a copy of the book from the library! I love it when it all comes together….with little effort!! My first graders have just finished voice exploration with Queen Caroline, so this is the perfect next step!! Let’s take a rhyme that I have been doing with them since last year and apply what we have learned thus far! Woohoo!

Glitch: I taught them “one, two, buckle my shoe”. What to do? Ahhhh ~ there are always variations to songs that have been handed down from generation to generation. This is a perfect example!!!

So here are 8 ways to get as much mileage out of this rhyme as possible!! If you think of any more, please let us know in the comments below!!

  1. Say the rhyme as you normally would:
    1, 2 buckle my shoe. 3, 4, shut the door. 5, 6 pick up sticks. 7, 8 lay (stretch it out) them straight. 9, 10 a big fat hen. Sounds pretty good let’s do it again.
  2. Read the book ~ talk about similarities and differences between the 2 versions
  3. Sing it:
  4. Again, talk about similarities and differences between the 3 versions ~ highlighting the voices used
  5. Choose a version that the kids like the best and use the 4 voices used in Queen Caroline
  6. Take is a step farther …. can you say it in your head? Let’s all start at the same time and only say “9, 10 big fat hen” out loud, using our talking voice. (I have had mixed success with this, but it gets them thinking!! …and they get a big laugh out of it!!)
  7. Can we clap the rhythm?
  8. What does this look like in Note Knacks? Do you see a pattern??? (your welcome, classroom teachers!!)

Have a great time with this lesson and let me know how it goes!!