We had so much fun in Kindergarten today!! As you know, we have been working on creating silly sounds for the length of a Note Knack (Click HERE for lesson). Last week we spoke about writing down our sound so that we can remember our sounds tomorrow. (It was a mini version of NK Lesson 5, Phase 1) This week, I put the students into small groups and they created their first compositions of the year!

Above are a few compositions in their entirety and below are detailed photos so that you can see what sounds they chose. I love the silly sounds they came up with!! The hardest part was writing down exactly what they wanted, but we laughed through the whole process!!

Next week we will perform our compositions. This will be an excellent opportunity for kids to get up in front of the group and “sing” a solo! Eventually they will lead the group in their original work! …an introduction to conducting!! 🙂