Kristin Pugliese is available to provide support to educators and school systems that would like to include a dedicated music literacy piece within the limited classroom time frame that is too common! Music teachers have so much information to cover in so little time, that meeting all of the state standards can be overwhelming! Kristin can help! She will offer simple solutions that will not only create fluent readers in a short time, but will also work within the parameters of your situation and budget!

“I have used the Note Knack system in my elementary classroom for 5 years and all I can say is ‘WOW!’…When using Note Knacks, you will be surprised to see how many more of your students will grasp the concept of rhythm, and even more astonished at the brisk pace your students will learn these concepts. Since I began using the Note Knack system I have seen Kindergarten students compose, read, and play rhythms that I had only seen before in my 2nd grade classes. More impressively, every student in my school now reads rhythms at or above grade level above expectancy.”

Kelly McGovern
Music Teacher
Tomball, TX

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Get a jump-start on your music literacy state standards by having Kristin come to your district! Listed are just a few of the options available to help teachers incorporate activities into their everyday lessons! In particular, “Build a Great Music Literacy Program At Your School!” gives teachers a great foundation for incorporating the Note Knacks method into their classrooms.


Teaching Music Basics When Time Is Against You!!
Note Knacks and compositionsPugliese will offer ways to squeeze as much time out of the school year as possible. She will not only examine a system to make classes more efficient, but will also cover how to utilize moments throughout the day! Take home ideas and activities that are simple and fun!


Build a Great Music Literacy Program At Your School!
Note Knacks and compositionsImagine a whole different kind of classroom where students of ALL ages are discussing and making music together with the role of the teacher being that of a facilitator. This session will look at all aspects of a complete music literacy program where students will work in small groups to learn how to read, compose, orchestrate and later learn how to discuss their works in a larger group setting.


Engage the Special Needs Students In Your Room!
learning-musicLearn effective and simple strategies to reach the students in your classroom that need extra attention. Make music reading, writing and playing fun and more accessible by using the Concrete–Representational–Abstract Instructional Approach. We will go through this methodology step by step to help all of your students excel while still meeting the state standards! Walk away with lessons that can be used immediately and throughout the year!


How to Bring Literacy Into Your Music Classroom!
Young Girl Reading Bring beautiful literature into your classroom and use it to enhance your curriculum! We will draw parallels between Language Arts and Music, look at how story building and composing are alike, and finish by exploring ways your students can create accompaniments to award winning books and fairy tales. Leave with projects and lessons that your students will love!


Use Mathematics to Help Children Understand Music Better!
Chalkboard with Math Problem This session will show how comparing attributes, measuring, counting and problem solving can help students understand music more clearly. We will explore a concept called Notation Sense, an intuitive understanding of how length of sound, relationships among the notes and rests are affected by expressive qualities and orchestration. Teachers will learn simple games and activities that are fun to do and easy to learn!