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Brain Breaks: Fun Music Websites for Kids!

by Note Knacks Music

There are some great websites out there for kids to learn musical concepts! Here are my favorite 4: ~ they offer fun games to sharpen both your listening skills, as well as your musical knowledge ~ you can see an orchestra from many points of views and learn about each instrument in each […]

Music At Home ~ Brain Breaks

by Note Knacks Music

As homeschooling gets underway and teachers post lessons, here are a list of simple “brain breaks” to bring joy and much needed movement into your child’s day! Everyday I will post new activities (videos to come)for you either to do with your child or once it is set up, he/ she can do it alone. […]

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

by Note Knacks Music

If you have been reading my posts for awhile, then you know I love using great literature in my lessons! ..and you also know that I love creating a template and building on it so as to squeeze as much out of my time, as possible! Well, today’s post accomplishes both!! Brown Bear, Brown Bear, […]

The Napping House

by Note Knacks Music

by Audrey Wood (Author), Don Wood (Illustrator) I love this book!! One night my husband and I were putting our 4 year old to bed and I had an idea! As I read it, my husband and my daughter acted it out. My husband was the sleeping “grampy” (instead of granny), my daughter was the […]

Apple, Apple Red And Fat

by Note Knacks Music

Apple, apple red and fat, turn into a yummy pie, just like that! This is an extension of the Pumpkin Pumpkin lesson (where I explain how to insert TALA). It is simple to remember and more importantly, simple to use for meeting all kinds of standards! Here are just a few! Have kids: Strike a […]

Last Minute Halloween Lessons

by Note Knacks Music

Skin and Bones Here is a fun and simple activity to do with your early elementary! Let Raffi do all of the singing (give your voice a break!) and use the stretchy band to create a “dance”. Your kids will love saying “ooooh” in a spooky voice and throwing up the band when the old […]