Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is the perfect book to incorporate into a Kindergarten music lesson! Lots of kids know it, it has its own steady beat, and it is a lot of fun!! I have updated it a bit by inserting a TALA (you know how I love my TALAs!!!) and have given an example of what to play. Of course, you can play/ do anything your kids can dream up!!


  • Students will make the connection between language arts and music
  • Students will create a 1-measure composition to use after each page


  • Book “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault
  • 5 sets of Note Knacks and Time Signature Frames
  • Classroom instruments of your choice


  1. Read book and have children tap the steady beat as you read.  “Notice how words can be said to a steady beat”. (This is a great time to highlight poetry)
  2. Read a second time and add a 4 beat TALA after every page turn. There are 15 turns including adding one at the very end of the story. (Kids can tap out 4 beats for the TALA, if you would like.)
  3. Create a 4/4 rhythm with your students using one of the Note Knacks sets and have kids practice it.
  4. Read the story a third time, but instead of a silent 4 beat TALA, have kids tap out the created rhythm each time.
  5. Now send children into 5 small groups to create their own 1 measure composition (you could increase it to 2 measures, if you would like.)
  6. Read book a fourth time and have Group 1 tap out their rhythm after the first page turn, then have Group 2 tap out their composition after the second page turn, and so on. There are more pages than groups, so you can divide it up as you like. Example: Have each group take 3 pages and at the end have everyone tap out their rhythm in a predetermined order.
  7. Have each group choose an instrument and when it is their turn, have them play their composition on their instrument


  • Did the students create a rhythm in 4/4 time?
  • Did the students play their rhythm correctly?
  • Did the students play their rhythm at the correct time?


  • I encourage you to also use the book “Jamberry” by Bruce Degen! It is a great book to use in this lesson! Try reading it in 3/4 time and having four 3/4 measures after each page turn.
  • When you put all of the measures together at the end, have students make it into a classroom piece adding tempo, dynamics, and an orchestration.