For Lesson 2, I was excited to build on what we created in lesson 1 and to add on what we could in the time frame we had (15 minutes). The beauty of this lesson is that you can add as many movements (calls) as the kids would like or as many as you have time for; it is up to you! This may also be a lesson that a class revisits throughout the year, as they learn new calls and rhythms. I love having activities like this in my back pocket, as they can come in handy when your kids need to move, or your voice needs a break!

Here is lesson 2 (Approximately 15 minutes):

  • Review moves from last week
  • Have kids practice what they created and/ or make up new movements to 8 steady quarter beats (this can be the time you suggest kids create a measure in 4/4 time with Note Knacks and create movements to that rhythm)
  • Kids finalize movements
  • Practice what we have so far:
    • Walk in a circle to 8 quarters
    • Turn to your partner and do your body movements for 8 quarters
  • Ask kids “What does this remind you of?”
    • The Folk dances we did
  • “Do you remember some of the commands we followed when we danced?”
    • Make a list
  • Decide what to include and how to incorporate what we have created with those commands.
  • Practice, add on, take away, and finalize!

What we ended up with for now:

  • Walk for 8 beats
  • Body movements for 8
  • Walk for 8
  • Switch directions and tiptoe for 8
  • Body movements for 8
  • Walk into the middle for 8
  • Walk out for 8
  • Walk for 8

We are coming to the end of the year, only 3 more classes left, but I am excited to do this lesson again next year when I have more time. The kids had fun and we were able to create using the knowledge we gained throughout the year!