Happy December!!! Winter concerts are upon us, and the craziness is in full swing! In a time when slide whistles can be an issue, here is my favorite warm up game from 2019. You can have a couple of kids take turns for a quick warm up or let everyone have a turn, if you have the time! It all depends on what you need! Please let us know your warm up ideas in the comments below!  


I am always looking for fun ways to warm up the kids voices. I have used the handy dandy slide whistle, lines on the board, sirens, etc.…., but for the little ones I thought it would be fun to use a familiar game. I came up with the idea when I was playing around with lines with my almost 4 year old. I drew a long curvy line that we used for her matchbox cars to drive on …

and I thought it would be fun to add sound ~ like I have done so many times in my classroom. We had a great time with this, so I thought about other ways to incorporate the idea of following lines and sounds in our play together ~ Chutes and Ladders came to mind!

It is a game that is simple enough to play, encourages kids to take turns and has them following ladders up and chutes down ~ PERFECT for music class! So today I brought in ours and played it with the Kinders. We had a blast! I laid out the board in the middle of the circle, we chose 1 piece and I had each students take a turn on the spinner. When the spinner stopped on a number, I moved the 1 player piece that many spaces. If there was a ladder going up, we made the sound of going from low to high. If we landed on a chute, then we made the sound of going from high to low. Although we were only using one playing piece on the board, the game could have lasted a lot longer than it did. I ended up cutting it short due to time constraints; however, if you ever need a filler activity, this is it!! Enjoy!