I am so excited to share with you the lesson we did today! I took the sound roadways a step further (because you know how I love to extend a lesson!!) and took out small plastic animals to prompt animal sounds….. along with high/ low & fast/ slow! What a blast!!

I first did a quick review of what we talked about last week and we made our car sounds going across each of the NK magnets ~ making sure to start, sustain and stop together. I then pulled out the animal figures and the kids’ eyes lit up!

Here is the animal line up:

We had a dinosaur, a zebra, a lion, a turtle, a baby elephant, a horse, a foal, a parrot, and a chimp.

We chose one at a time and made their animal sound (sometimes we had to make it up….what does a turtle say???) while I moved it across the magnet. We used the gray and blue magnets the most, but all were utilized!

Then the comparisons came!

  • Fast and slow
    • We made a turtle sound (they came up with a sort of slow gulping sound) while I moved it across VERY SLOWLY!! to demonstrate “slow”
    • They then chose the zebra for the “fast” demonstration (the kids came up with a silly neigh sound!)

  • High and low
    • We first compared a “mommy” and a “baby” horse to demonstrate high and low
    • The kids then immediately noticed the large dinosaur and figured it made a very low sound while again, the foal made a very high sound.
      • I put one gray on top and one on the bottom and asked the kids which animal belonged where. Since these were Pre-Kers, some got it and some didn’t, but in any case they had a great time!! (I always love stretching their mind a bit)
      • And again we made the sounds as I moved them across the magnet.

I left it there, but it could have gone on for hours!

Next week I am fired up to use the HUGE NK Cushions…. so stay tuned!!