These days, time is in such short supply! I am always thinking about how to be more efficient and get more done. As a result, I love to read about how others tackle this issue! There is an author that has devoted whole books to this very subject: Laura Vanderkam. She is known for such titles as What The Most Successful People Do At Work and I Know How She Does It. Both are an easy read and incredibly insightful!

In thinking about how I wanted to spend the rest of my summer, I turned to her book What The Most Successful People Do On The Weekend. I first read it on the way to the Texas Music Educators Association Conference back in February. She has some great thoughts on how to rest up during a break, but also how to re-energize so that one is fired up for the week ahead! I took this idea and applied it to how I would spend the rest of my summer. I have a lot of planning to do for the upcoming year, as most of us do, but I also wanted to make sure there were some fun activities that got me out of the office.

Here are 5 ways to get all you can out of the remaining lazy days of summer:

    1. Plan A bit. This isn’t to say that every minute of every day should be accounted for, but Vanderkam talks about having a few anchor activities so that time doesn’t fade away. I may know something about this, as I have perhaps realized on a Sunday night that all I did that weekend was binge watch “Royal Pains” on Netflix. Not good.
    2. Use Your Mornings. She points out that we have more time than we think. She suggests using that time when everyone else in the house is asleep and you can get the necessary things done without interruption. Perfect!
    3. Create Traditions. I LOVE this one! “These habits are what become memories-and comforting rituals boost happiness.” (Vanderkam; Location 279 Kindle Fire). My husband and I have come up with “Funky Drink Thursday”. Sometimes it is as creative as a Blue Hawaiian and other times it is just a rum and coke. Generally speaking, we are not big drinkers, but we look forward to Thursday nights when we know we are kicking off the “soon-to-be weekend”!
    4. Keep A (Tech) Sabbath. I don’t know about the tech part, but I like the idea that no matter how crazy the week gets, I can always count on a relaxed Sunday. For this summer, we are implementing a Sabbath week! Because I travel a lot for Note Knacks and hopefully soon we will be traveling to adopt a baby, we are staying in Atlanta for our vacation. I am looking forward to exploring this wonderful city and still being able to sleep in my bed!
    5. Plan Something Fun For Sunday Night. What a great idea!! Before the craziness of the week hits, plan a great activity to help extend your vacation to the very last possible moment! It feels very “Carpe Diem” to me!



Photo credit: Luke,Ma / Foter / CC BY