Last time, the kinders created their silly sound compositions by choosing their sound lengths, recording them on paper and assigning a silly sound to each length (click HERE for the lesson). Today we took it a step farther and experimented with instruments and when to play. I took out tambourines at first and had the kids play while I dragged my finger across. They needed to make sure to put a pause in between each sound. (I traced a blue NK then a red. I wanted to keep it simple for this first try.) I was so impressed at how well they played! They started together, sustained and get this ……. ENDED together!! WOOHOO!!

I then brought out the jingle bells ~ why not use this for the holiday concert!!! ~ and swapped out half of the tambourines for bells. The “bell group” played when I dragged my finger across the blue and the “tambourine” group played when I dragged my finger across the red.


This activity is perfect for reminding kids to look at their director!! … a skill we are always working on!! We did need to practice it a few times, but by the end, they had it! I now feel emboldened to have them compose a longer piece as a class and provide instrumentation for it. ….and maybe even add dynamics!!