IMG_9945Classes can be crazy this time of year, especially when you are preparing for a concert! If you find yourself with a bit of time that needs to be filled, here is a fun game to play! It takes “Hot and Cold” to a whole new level!! When one is far from the object, one sings or plays a whole note, as it will take a long time to find it! When one is quite close, one can sing or play sixteenth notes, as the object will be quickly found! Enjoy!


  • Object to hide


  • To have fun!!
  • To be able to say color rhythms accurately
  • To find hidden object
  • To give proper directions


  • Choose student to leave room
  • Class hides object
  • Student comes back in room and proceeds to look for object
  • As student looks for object, another student sings, plays or chants: (click HERE to see how to say colors!)
    • (whole note) Grey-ey-ey-ey ~ if student is very far away from object
    • (half note) Blue-ue ~ if student is getting closer to object
    • (quarter note) Red ~ if student is getting closer still to object
    • (eighth note) Yel-low ~ if student is close to object
    • (sixteenth note) Ter-ra Cot-ta ~ if student is super close to object
  • This goes on until student finds hidden object
  • When object is found, new student leaves room and it starts all over again!