To shake things up a bit, here is a fun activity that you can easily send home in a packet for those kids that do not have access to the internet ~ a musical scavenger hunt! The goal is for them to sharpen their aural skills and to see just how creative they can be! You can even come up with a prize for the most  artistic or craziest: a call from you, perhaps! I can’t wait to see what my kids turn in!

Something in your house that:

  1. makes a steady beat
  2. makes a very high sound
  3. makes a very low sound
  4. you can shake to make sound
  5. you can hit to make sound
  6. you can scrape to make sound
  7. doesn’t make any sound at all no matter what you do with it
  8. “sings” sol, mi
  9. can make a long sound
  10. makes a short sound


  • makes your favorite sound!