Games are always a good idea!! ….especially in a time when we all want to have as much fun as possible!! Here are 5 that I have done with both my classes and my little one! The best part about this is that you can make a few changes to accommodate multiple grade levels! How great is that?

  1. What instrument am I?” ~ I played this with my 5th graders, and we had a great time! We covered classroom as well as orchestral instruments. I had planned on being the leader the whole time, but I was so excited to see that they each wanted to come up with an instrument to try and trick the group!
    • For little ones, you could easily show them the possible choices and after describing it, have them choose.
    • For Parents, you could choose from instruments in your home or “kitchen instruments” (like pots and pans with a wooden spoon)
  2. Bingo” ~ This has so many possibilities!!! …from rhythms on the bingo sheet (click here for an example) to notation to composers!
    • For little ones, small non-pitched percussion that they used in your classroom is perfect! (click here for sheet 1 and here for sheet 2). The sheets I have made do not look exactly like a BINGO sheet, but the goal can be either 4 down or 3 across only. Here are possible questions: What instrument sounds like this? (if you have instruments in your house) or what instrument starts with the letter “W”? What instrument is in the shape of a triangle? Or which instruments do you shake to make sound? …I could go on and on!! These last 3 questions are great for parents, as well! 
  3. 5 Second Rule” ~  I just discovered this game and I love the idea! In order to play for music trivia, you have 5 seconds to:
    • Name 3 composers (from a certain time period for the most knowledgeable!)
    • Name 3 songs we sang this year
    • Name all of the instruments in the string family
    • Because we are teaching remotely, you can have kids write their answers down or have parents write them down for the little ones and everyone shows their answers on the screen at the same time!
    • For Parents ~ Name 3 songs that we sing almost every day (bedtime songs, songs you sing in the car, etc..) OR Name 3 songs that are Mom’s or Dad’s favorite!
    • The winner can be who answers the most questions correctly or you can allow several kids to win when they answer correctly.
  4. Decode a note” ~ Create a short word using notation and see how fast they can decode it! (This is only for kids who can read music.)
  5. Play and Move” ~ For little ones, you can play any instrument that you have at home! When you play they dance and when you stop, they stop.
    • For Parents ~ You can do this as well! It doesn’t matter if it is super rhythmic or not! Play and have fun! If you are truly uncomfortable, feel free to play music on a device and pause at random times. My daughter LOVES this!!

BONUS: As a last hurrah, have a talent show! Encourage your kids to create an act and have them perform it on a virtual call!! They will love it!

Please let us know your awesome game ideas that you have been doing with your kids!!