Gonna make it, gonna make it…. Only a few weeks left and the kids have summer fever…as do we! So, to help all of us survive, here are 5 ideas to make our time count!

1. Review ~ I know, a bit obvious, but… What were the major concepts and songs that were covered this year that you need them to remember for next year? Drive it home!! This is also a great opportunity to have the kids tell you what they really enjoyed and what they weren’t so crazy about! (an informal end of the year course evaluation)

2. Games ~ these can be singing games such as “Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone?” or “A Tisket, A Tasket” OR “learning” games such as our “The Rhythm Game”. Click HERE for this lesson and a few others!

3. Take Care Of Unfinished Business ~ The fourth grade had started working on their compositions based on their artwork some time ago, but never finished. So, we are finishing them up now. The kids are really getting into it and having a blast tweaking and tinkering with different rhythms, pitches and orchestrations to see what they like best. It is so fun to see them trying out an idea and then the look on their face as they decide whether or not they like it. So excited about the final draft!!

4. Take Ideas For Next Year Out For A Spin ~ I love this time of year to try out some ideas for next year. What if I have them come in this way? What if I teach this concept in this new way? Can PreK handle such and such?

5. See How Far You Can Push The Kids ~ If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know I love to see how far I can push kids. Can they handle a certain concept when our community says otherwise? Truth be told, I value research, but I don’t see it as the end all be all. I STILL think we greatly underestimate our students and their capabilities. I think it is us that needs to change how we teach to get as much out of them as possible. This is why I created Note Knacks.

I hope these help you decide what to teach in the time we have left! We are going to make it ~ I promise!! If you have tried and true activities that you use, please share it in the comments below. Our community will certainly be grateful!