I am so excited about this week’s blog post!!! I happened to come across a photo of a plastic egg filled with 2 eighths on Facebook and ideas have been popping in my head ever since! …SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!! Here are my 10 best:


  • Create a 4/4 rhythm sheet (or use my Bingo Sheet) and cut each rhythm out. (Rhythms can be duplicated, as it will come in handy for some of the activities!)
  • Fill each egg with a rhythm. You need as many eggs as you have students.
  • Display eggs and have kids choose 1 OR pass them out
  • Kids open their egg to see their rhythm and clap it out quietly to themselves not showing anyone


  1. Work out their measures in Note Knacks
  2. To get ready for phase 3 ~ put out 4 measures of NK rhythms and have kids match their rhythm to the correct measure (mm1, mm 2, mm 3 or mm 4).
  3. Scavenger hunt: Instead of writing a whole measure on the paper, only write a note or notes = 1 beat in 4/4 time. Kids will need to locate NK or NKs that have what they have written in conventional notation.
  4. Choose a student to come to the front of the room and clap out their rhythm. The student with same rhythm raises his/ her hand, claps out their rhythm and notes that it is the same
  5. You clap out a rhythm and those that have it raise their hands
  6. Have kids walk around in a large space (for Covid 19 reasons) trying to find the student(s) with the same rhythm. There is NO TALKING, only clapping!!
  7. Kids choose a partner (or a group of 4) and clap out each measure. They need to decide the mm order.
  8. In eggs ~ write only a note or notes = 2 beats in 4/4 time. Find another student to make a 4/4 rhythm.
  9. Have kids create a rhythm in NK and have them write it on a small piece of paper and fill an egg. Collect all of them, mix them up, and hand them back out again randomly. Have each student clap the rhythm they were given in order to practice. Then have kids clap them out consecutively ~ putting a measure of rest in between, if they need it ~ to create a longer piece of music.
  10. Kids create a mm in NK and write it out on a piece of paper, they fill the eggs and do one of the other activities!!