There are those days when you just want to deviate from your lesson plan or something unexpected happens and you are required to change it! Here is a lesson to keep in your back pocket for a rainy day and to pull out when you need it!


      • 1 Rhythm Stick
      • 2 Sets of Note Knacks or Rhythm Cards


    • Have children get into a circle sitting crossed-legged
    • Have children pass around a stick to a steady beat around in the circle (1st student holds the stick vertically and hits the floor with it in front of the 2nd student who is to his right. The second student then takes the sick (still vertically) and hits the floor in front of the 3rd student. The 3rd student then takes it and hits it in front of the 4th student, also to his right, and so on)
    • There are 3 chosen Students Leaders. Student Leader A stands behind a desk with a set of Note Knacks near the circle. Student Leader B also stands behind a desk with a set of Note Knacks, but is at the opposite side of the circle (This is so that everyone can see a rhythm). Student Leader C can stand somewhere outside of the circle.
    • Student Leader A and Student Leader B choose rhythms (that are different from each other) and show them in Note Knacks or using note cards with notation on them so the the kids can see them. You must choose on a time signature beforehand. With Note Knacks, you have the option of having children fit the note values into 2/4, 3/4, or 4/4 Time Signature Frames, which you can switch even during the game! This helps students stay in the limit of the given time signature.
    • Student Leader C yells “STOP” whenever he likes and whomever is holding the stick needs to tap out either of the shown rhythms.
    • It is Student Leader C’s job to figure out, not only which rhythm it is, but whether it is correct or not. If it is correct, that student gets to be Student Leader C. Student Leaders A and B can choose their successors, as well.
    • And the game goes on until everyone has had a turn being each of the Students Leaders.