The questionnaire

Before your panic really sets in as to how much needs to be done for concert season, we thought we would put together a checklist to help! Here is our Ultimate Concert Checklist:

2 Months Out:

  • Choose concert and dress rehearsal dates (be aware of other events going on)
  • Choose Venue (be aware of where to receive keys and alarm codes)
  • Ask a student or students to design and create posters and invitations
  • Write short press release to put in local paper

6 Weeks Out:

  • Get event in all known school calendars
  • Create Facebook event (can have students create short video commercials for Facebook page)
  • Find accompanist
  • Schedule a piano tuner as close to performance date as possible

4 Weeks Out:

  • Send invitations to important school and community members
  • Get event on school marquee
  • Put commercial #1 on Facebook (Provided that you have media releases specific for this)
  • Collaborate with Art teacher for students to create 2 invitations for friends and family members
  • Have students put up posters around schools and town (If the space allows it)
  • Get event on school website
  • Get event in PTA newsletter
  • Ask parents to be chaperones for event
  • Have a student or students create a program design
  • Schedule videographer, if desired (ask a parent volunteer)
  • Decide on uniforms/ concert dress

2 Weeks Out:

  • Decide a stage set up and plan how to execute
  • Commercial #2 on Facebook
  • Promote future concerts in concert program
  • Put your website and Facebook page in concert program
  • Get event in school bulletin
  • Send home note that explains dress, dress rehearsal times, concert times and other important info
  • Confirm with accompanist
  • Confirm chaperones

1 Week Out:

  • Have students practice entrances and exits
  • Practice stage presence and audience behavior
  • Print programs
  • Commercial #3 on Facebook
  • Confirm that all tech needs are taken care of

Day of Event:

  • Tech check (just in case)
  • Stage set up check

After Event:

  • Follow-up with thank-you notes to those important school and community members that attended
  • Remove posters
  • Celebrate with students on a job well done!