Every week I look forward to Thursday nights! I love to watch “Project Runway” and “Grey’s Anatomy” …..(although the latter needs to end already) and of course, “Scandal”. Now Ms. Shonda Rhimes has come out with a new fabulous Thursday night drama called “How To Get Away With Murder”…..yet ANOTHER show to become addicted to (as if I need any more!). In it, the lead character is a professor at a university and a practicing lawyer. I watched the pilot the other night and a particular line struck me; “Never interrupt another student’s learning opportunity…”. One of the main character’s students called out when it was another student’s turn and this is how the professor handled it. I loved it! Granted, she said it more harshly than one would in an elementary classroom, but the point was important.

There are always those students that call out a great deal and demand everyone’s attention as much as possible. This comment shifts the focus from the interrupter to the student answering the question. It isn’t about scolding a student, rather it is about community. We are here to help each other. She was saying that every single member of that class deserves a chance to learn and it is our job to help make that happen.

It is always wonderful when we can help students take ownership of their learning and that of their classmates. Each is not only responsible for their own learning, but to help those in need when they can. Our class is the perfect environment for this. A piece of music doesn’t quite work until all of the parts are either sung or played. It is in everyone’s best interest to help each other so that the outcome is the best it can be. Music is brilliant that way!