When one thinks of Orff Schulwerk, two major instrument groups come to mind: xylophones and recorders! Both are “instrumental” in teaching with this method! Here are some tools worth checking out!

Aulos 3 Piece Student Soprano Recorder
This recorder has the great quality of an Aulos for less money! We can’t believe how easy it is to play lower notes!

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Recorder Fingering Magnetix

~ Includes Low C to Hi D (Diatonic), F# and Bb. 6″x15.5″

These are the coolest things EVER!! We love how each magnet uses Boomwhackers ® colors and each is clear on which recorder holes need to be covered!

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Recorder Fingering Assessment

~ Blank Recorder Fingering Chart with 9 magnetic finger hole covers. 6″x15.5″

…and then when it is time to assess…

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RBI ® Orff Stands by Tough Carts ®
product-studentChoose from the High or Low Stand. Each are $169.95

~ Both width adjustable from 19″ to 33″

~High Stand Height: adjustable from 17″ to 29″ (ideal for smaller instruments)

~ Low Stand Height: adjustable from 5″ to 15″ (ideal for larger instruments)

To create a little height in our Orff ensembles, these carts are fantastic! When we tried them out, we knew our instruments weren’t going anywhere!!



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