After last week’s lesson, I wanted to demonstrate to the kids how they can also use a score to see when all parts play at the same time. This highlights how everyone MUST be following the SAME steady beat!

Building on last week’s 2 measure rhythm, I added two more measures for both parts and asked 4 students to come up and create a 4/4 measure to fill them in:

As this class is broken up into 2 groups, this is what each group came up with:


  1. | I M I I | Z Z Z Z |  I   I  M I | Z Z Z Z |
  2. |Z Z Z Z | d  d    | M I  M I | d    d   |


  • | I M I I | Z Z Z Z | d  d    | d       I I |        
  • |Z Z Z Z | d  d   | I I M I | M M I I |

These were the final scores, as we kept messing around with them to see what we liked the best! Next week, kids will create their own 4 measure composition with their table mate complete with a score. For instrumentation on this first one, they can use whatever they have available at their tables. I can’t wait to see what they create!