I am always thinking of new ways to practice the steady beat with my students. …and in this age of social distancing and virtual learning, it can be difficult. I also like to play the freeze game with my kids, but it gets old quickly!  Two “problems”, one solution ~ The Steady Beat Freeze Game! Kids move to the beat in various ways while a student plays a drum and freezes when he/ she stops! It gets kids moving in a safe way, it is a game that can easily be played virtually, and each student can be assessed throughout! What more could you ask for??


  • Drum


  1. Tap steady beat to a chosen song to get the feeling of a beat in their bodies
  2. Take out a drum ~ when I play the steady beat, you stomp it and when I stop, you freeze
  3. Play and stop at random
  4. Continue to play, but play:
    1. Loudly
    2. Softly (see if they tip toe)
    3. Quickly
    4. Slowly
  5. Have kids take turns being the leader
  6. After everyone is finished, highlight loud, soft, fast, and slow playing ~ did they notice?

You can also highlight different techniques for playing. One student played with his elbow because he saw me do it last year. Another student took really long rests, etc.… It was so great to see how various students made this activity their own! I was able to check in with each kid while the rest were having a blast following the leader!!