As promised, here is another literacy skills packed lesson that is fun and easy to do! It can be done in the first 10 min of class or have it last the whole time!! It takes charades to a whole new level and has so many versions, that your kids won’t get bored!
Rhythm Charades

• Students will create rhythms and perform them in various ways
• Students will decipher said rhythms in spoken and/ or written form
• Students will practice audiation

Basic Method:
1. Create a rhythm in your head
2. Get up in front of group and act out rhythm using body parts, BUT make it silent:
a. Example: bend your elbow to red, red, yel-low, red
3. Call on a student to tell you what your rhythm was
4. Have that student create a rhythm and so on…..

Beyond The Basics:
• Start with only reds and yellows, then move to the rest of the notes ~ to make basic rhythms, then add dots and so on…
• Start with tapping out the rhythms, so it is basic dictation, then go on to moving body parts that make no sound, such as elbows, knees, hips, etc….
• Have kids say the rhythms that were created, then have them write them down
• Put kids into teams and have them compete with each team creating a 2 mm rhythm…(then maybe 4mm!!!) that they will need to act out in either just basic body movements or in a fun dance! (They can all do all of the measures together or they can break it up resulting in a seamless dance)
• Take all of the composed rhythms and create a class piece that can be performed in a silent dance, but that shows the rhythms OR some of the piece can have sound and some of it be silent.
• ….ask your kids, as I am sure they will have many more ideas!!