Every year we make resolutions and hope they will stick! This year, why not enlist your students to come up with some resolutions for your classroom? Here are 5 ideas that can help!

  1. ORGANIZE! Create systems in your classroom to help it run smoothly. You can brainstorm with your students on ways to improve such things as receiving materials and putting them away. They will feel empowered when you ask for their help and will be more likely to follow their own procedures!
  2. EXERCISE! Since exercise is almost always on a resolution list, why not ask kids to figure out how more movement can be incorporated into your class? Think about incorporating a warm up every class to get the kids moving. Each child can be assigned a day and bring the music. Your older students will enjoy leading the warm up!
  3. INSPIRE! Have older kids choose a pop artist they really like and do a mini report on him or her. This is a great way for kids to see how celebrities achieved their goals. Most examples will illustrate how hard work and perseverance paid off in the end!
  4. BUILD COMMUNITY! As the new year kicks off, this is a great opportunity to bring different grade levels together! Have your younger students create a Level 1 composition and have your recorder kids play it. Your little ones will be so proud and your older ones will feel like big brothers and sisters!
  5. CELEBRATE! Create an accomplishment wall! List concerts, compositions, etc…anything your kids are proud of! In the spring your kids and their parents can look at what they did in your room!