I am quite excited!!! In getting ready for this year, I have created a composition cart. I teach in a room in where I am unable to keep materials, so this is the perfect solution! I have included:

  • On the Top Shelf:cc-top
    • Crayons ~ for tracing Note Knacks : in individual plastic snack bags with colored dots so that kids know what color crayons go into each (of course they are NK colors!)
    • Sharpened pencils ~ for writing conventional notation
    • Cap erasers ~ because you know the erasers on the pencils will last all of 5 minutes!
    • Colored binder clips ~ to hold compositions together: 2 of each of the 6 colors, one color for each of my classes.
  • On the Middle Shelf:cc_second_shelf
    • A pointer ~ for kids to use when they are leading the group in singing their compositions
    • Pencil sharpeners
    • Stickers ~ because you never know when you need them!
    • Sentence strips ~ for compositions
    • Lesson plan book ~ I will write all of plans down, I will write all of my plans down 🙂
    • 3 line staff paper ~ for sol, mi , la
    • 5 line staff paper ~ for older kids
    • Note Knacks Lesson plan book 🙂 (plus any others I am using at the time)
  • On the Lower Shelf:cc_third_shelf
    • A Large Classroom Set of Note Knacks 🙂