As homeschooling gets underway and teachers post lessons, here are a list of simple “brain breaks” to bring joy and much needed movement into your child’s day! Everyday I will post new activities (videos to come)for you either to do with your child or once it is set up, he/ she can do it alone. All needed items will be those commonly found in your home! For this post I am concentrating mostly on the little ones, but stay tuned for ideas for your older children!


Alexa Music Activities (play your favorite songs!)

  • Tap to the steady beat ~ head, shoulders (have kids cross their arms and tap opposite shoulders so they can cross their midlines), thighs, clapping, anything else your kids can think of!), find a table and “drum” on it
  • Move to the steady beat ~ walking, stomping, jogging, jumping
  • Move in general ~ wiggling, shaking, dancing
  • Take a break from dancing and strike a pose. Freeze for a count of 8
  • For music with a slow tempo, use scarves or dish towels ~ whatever you have ~ and dance with it. Kids can twirl them toss them in the air, make big circles with their arms

Other Music Activities

  • Video kids singing songs they have been working on for the Spring Share (or any songs they would like) and use WhatsApp to send to family and friends
  • Fill plastic eggs and use fun washi tape to seal or water bottles with beans, rice or small pasta to create shakers.

If you have ideas, please feel free to share in the comments below!