After your kids have had some fun with the Name Game Extended Lesson, now we can take it even a step further!!! In this lesson, students will be on the hunt for long and short objects that they can find around the room. Not only will they have a blast doing this, they will be learning how to compare length (your welcome math teachers!!) and linking it sound!


  • Students will learn how to identify long and short objects
  • Students will learn how to sing a defined length of sound



  • Several objects with different lengths scattered around your classroom


    1. Review the Name Game Extended Lesson that they have done earlier and ask kids to define long and short
      1. How did we show a long sound? Short sounds?
    2. Tell students that now we are going to look for objects around the classroom that can be considered long or short (it helps if they are thin, as well, but not necessary)
      1. You can bring in items, if you need to
  • Give them about 3-5 minutes to find 3 items


    1. Come back to a circle
    2. Have each child share the item or items they found and ask them to tell the class if they are long or short.
    3. Choose a long item and ask students, “If this item had sound, would it have a long sound or a short sound?” (Answer: long sound)
  • Teach the children how to determine the length of sound:
    1. Hold the item in one hand
    1. Place one finger of the other hand at the left-end of the item. (Reading left to right)
    2. While dragging your finger across the item, make a “LA” sound. (The sound should be continuous.)
    3. When your finger has reached the end of the item, the sound stops.
    4. Demonstrate using a long item.
    1. Do the same with a short item.


  1. You will want to demonstrate fast and slow so when children do this, they use a constant speed. (I have found children will generally choose a speed and stick with it.)Ask the children to choose one of their items and to do the same when it is their turn.


  • Can students define long and short?
  • Can students sing a long and short sound using a specific object to show length?