Apple, apple red and fat, turn into a yummy pie, just like that!

This is an extension of the Pumpkin Pumpkin lesson (where I explain how to insert TALA). It is simple to remember and more importantly, simple to use for meeting all kinds of standards! Here are just a few!

Have kids:

  • Strike a pose
  • Wiggle
  • Go for a walk
  • Stomp
  • Find a partner and shake hands to the steady beat
  • Echo a rhythm (you can add as many beats to your TALA as you need)
  • Get into small groups and create a 4/4 beat rhythm in Note Knacks to play

Somewhere along the way you can also ask the kids what other kinds of pie they like and substitute it in (cherry, cherry plump and fat/ lemon, lemon, yellow and fat/ chocolate, chocolate ~ you can either say “brown and fat” or “I’d love a vat” ….. comment below if you come up with a better rhyme 😊 I need it!!)

This is also a great activity if you are finding that the kids need a little more movement than usual! It gets their energy out while keeping them focused!