With all of this social distancing, students are not getting as much movement in their day as before. They are not switching classes as much and getting out of your seat in the classroom is kept to a bare minimum…..but they are still kids and need to move!! That is where we come in!! Here is a game to engage their minds, as well as their bodies!



  • RED = clapping
  • YELLOW = patching thighs
  • BLUE = ballet’s 3rd to 2nd position
  • GRAY = make a circle with your hips
  • TERRA COTTA = tap head with oscillating hands



  1. Assign movements to blocks (I assigned movements above, but kids can choose their own, if they would like)
  2. Show a 4 beat red only pattern
  3. Clap it out
  4. Have kids echo it
  5. Next, add yellows ~ red, red, yellow, red ~ perform with movements
  6. Have kids echo
  7. Create a red/ yellow rhythm in your head and perform it
  8. Choose a student to guess the rhythm
  9. Show the rhythm in Note Knacks
  10. You can do as many examples as you see fit
  11. Choose a student to create a rhythm in their minds and act it out
  12. He/ she can choose another student to decode it
  13. Add on colors as you see fit
  14. Keep going until everyone has had a turn to guess and create

This game is best played with 3rd graders and up, as the younger ones might have some coordination issues. Regardless, though, your students will have a lot of fun and will most certainly try and trick each other! ….it might get a little crazy!!