Note Knacks Cards

Our Cards are designed for each student to have their own set of Note Knacks! These cards tear out easily from perforated pages and are printed with a semi-glossy finish for protection. The are also perfect for teachers on a cart or adding to the sets you already own! Included are 31 cards representing the 5 most common note and rest values and 3 time signature frames that will help students compose within 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 time parameters. Rhythms are easily read by simply saying the colors! Younger students will be able to practice their syllables, while older students will not feel babyish when they can read rhythms with a simple explanation!

Pugliese recommends this for:

      • Individual students to have their own set without having to share
      • Teachers on carts
      • Add on sets to the Teacher Set, Basics Classroom Set or Full Classroom Set
      • A small group of students (3 -5 students)
      • A Center in your classroom
      • Parents that already do know how to read music