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Welcome! Click on the video above to learn our simple hands-on method for making music literacy accessible to all!


Brain Breaks: Fun Music Websites for Kids!

There are some great websites out there for kids to learn musical concepts! Here are my favorite 4: https://www.nyphilkids.org/index.html ~ they offer fun games to sharpen both your listening skills, as well as your musical knowledge https://play.lso.co.uk/performances ~ you can see an orchestra from many points of views and learn about each instrument in each […]

Music At Home ~ Brain Breaks

As homeschooling gets underway and teachers post lessons, here are a list of simple “brain breaks” to bring joy and much needed movement into your child’s day! Everyday I will post new activities (videos to come)for you either to do with your child or once it is set up, he/ she can do it alone. […]


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