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Welcome! We are a company dedicated to helping educators teach early music literacy through purposeful composition!
So what are Note Knacks?


STEM TO STEAM Part 2: How To Get Them On Board

It is no surprise that non-musicians get freaked out at the very thought of singing or playing an instrument in front of others…even classroom teachers! (although it always surprises me how often we ask our students to take risks and to “try hard” even if they are scared, and yet we, ourselves, will rarely do […]

Part One: The Basics ~ In Our STEM To STEAM Series

This week’s lesson is an example of what a STEAM lesson looks like in the music classroom, but the truth is, classroom teachers could easily do this as well ~ using a basket of small percussion instruments, a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. My goal is to not only to give you a […]


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