As we wrap up the year and looking for fun activities to share with parents, I wanted to share a favorite of mine! There are lots of versions of “Over In The Meadow”, but authors have also taken it a step further and have changed the habitat to places like the jungle, ocean, desert, etc… I love that this story has taken on a life of its own!! Here is a way for your classes to take this simple song and make it their own!

Of course we start with the exploration process! We sing each story and compare. What is the same? What is different? If we wanted to write our own version, what would we need to decide on?

  1. Our habitat (great for classes exploring this concept in science!)
  2. Our animals
  3. The actions they will be doing
  4. Creating the second line of the verse so that it rhymes with the particular number it was assigned

Here are some examples from the 2019 Kindergarten Version:

After all of this has been decided, kids can get into groups and illustrate each animal in order to create a big book to donate to the school’s library!

But wait, there’s more…. You can also have each group of kids create a Phase 1: REPRESENTATIVE NOTATION AND ESTIMATED RHYTHMS long/ short composition for each animal. In THIS rehearsal video (we needed a bit of work on our singing 🙂 I had the kids sing “LA”, but you could easily have them make the animal sound for each length!

You could also have them play each composition on an instrument, especially if you decided to have kids compose in Phase 2: TRUE RHYTHMS! The idea is to make it their own and create sounds and compositions that make sense to them!!